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Ethnic Studies Department

Our Vision

Situated in a region where the US-Mexico border zone, indigenous national and tribal governments, and the Asia-Pacific interact to produce a dynamic geopolitical location, UCSD’s Ethnic Studies Department is a vibrant community of scholars committed to the interdisciplinary study of race, ethnicity, indigeneity, gender, sexuality, class, and dis/ability.

The department’s innovative approach represents a commitment to transnational, relational, and intersectional methods for producing critical knowledge about power and inequality, including systems of knowledge that have emerged from racialized and indigenous communities in global contexts.

Ethnic Studies is devoted to creative, conceptual, and empirical research; critical pedagogy; collaborations with a broad group of affiliated faculty; and social justice projects developed with and for the university, our home communities, and the broader public.


Congratulations to Luis Marinez!

Congratulations to Luis Marinez who has awarded the UC San Diego Extension’s quarterly “Alumni Change the World” Scholarship, a merit-based award that covers up to $5,500 in tuition for any continuing education certificate or special study program offered by Extension. The full article of the award ceremony can be viewed here.

Marinez, who graduated from ethnic studies this year, is currently completing the final course of Extension’s Professional Certificate in Paralegal, along with pursuing a master’s degree in education at UC San Diego.

Congratulations to Kyung Hee Ha

Congratulations to Kyung Hee Ha (Ph.D. Candidate) who has been awarded a UC Center for New Racial Studies Research Grant, which will fund the final phase of her dissertation research on Zainichi Koreans (Koreans in Japan). 

Congratulations to Salvador Zarate

Congratulations to Salvador Zarate (Ph.D. Candidate) who has been awarded the Center on Global Justice Human Rights Fellowship.

Congratulations to Martin Boston and Jennifer Mogannam

Congratulations to Martin Boston and Jennifer Mogannam, Ph.D. students who have both been awarded the 2014 UCSD Friends of the International Center Scholarship.

Congratulations to Kit Myers (PhD 2013) on his postdoctoral fellowship!

Congratulations to Kit Myers who has just accepted a two-year Chancellor's Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Humanities and World Cultures unit at UC Merced.

Please send your warmest congratulations and best wishes to Kit at kmyers1@gmail.com.

Congratulations to Ma Vang (PhD 2012) on her new job at UC Merced!

Congratulations to Ma Vang who has just accepted an offer for an appointment in Ethnic Studies in the Humanities and World Cultures unit in the School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts at UC Merced.

Please send your warmest congratulations and best wishes to Ma at ma.vang@ucr.edu.  Ma is currently in her second year as a UC President's Postdoctoral Fellow at UC Riverside.

Congratulations to Ayako Sahara!

Congratulations to Ayako who has been offered the position of Assistant Professor at Ohtsuki City College in Yamanashi, Japan. 

Please send your warmest congratulations to Ayako at aysahara@gmail.com

Congratulations to Ph.D. Candidate Lila Sharif!

Ethnic Studies is pleased to announce that Ph.D. candidate Lila Sharif has been awarded the prestigious UC President's Postdoctoral Fellowship beginning Fall 2014. Her dissertation, "Savory Politics: The Impact of Fair Trade Olive Oil Industries on Palestinian Livelihoods," uses Palestinian olive oil trade as an optic to examine the broader issues of Palestinian identity and Palestinians’ relations with Israel.

Lila has also been selected to be a member of the UC San Diego Chapter of the Bouchet Graduate Honor Society for 2014.

Information about the Bouchet Graduate Honor Society can be found at:

Congratulations to Lisa Cacho!

Congratulations to Lisa Cacho (Ph.D. 2002) whose dissertation-based book, Social Death: Racialized Rightlessness and the Criminalization of the Unprotected (NYU 2013), was awarded the John Hope Franklin publication prize for the best book in American Studies!

Congratulations to Maile Arvin!

Congratulations to Maile Arvin for winning the ASA's Ralph Henry Gabriel Dissertation Prize for her dissertation,  "Pacifically Possessed: Scientific Production and Native Hawaiian Critique of the "Almost White" Polynesian Race".   She will receive the prize at the ASA's conference in Washington DC this November.

Congratulations to Professor Dayo Gore!

Congratulations to Professor Dayo Gore who is one of the Faculty Mentor Program Outstanding Mentors of 2013.
Honorees were selected based on a combination of factors, including student testimonials, innovative or unusual mentoring practices, and other considerations, such as mentees served and years of service as a mentor to undergraduates. All mentors provide excellent instruction and guidance to their respective students and receive the very great gratitude of the program staff. The awards will be presented during the FMP Symposium on June 1 at 9:15 in Price Center Ballroom B.

Congratulations to Thuy Vo Dang!

Congratulations to Thuy, Ethnic Studies PhD 2008 who has accepted the UC Irvine Libraries' offer of the position of Archivist for the Southeast Asian Archive and Regional History. This is a full-time permanent position and will allow her to expand upon the work she has been doing as the Project Director of the Vietnamese American Oral History Project the last 2 years.

Congratulations to Kit Myers!

Congratulations to Kit Myers, Ph.D. candidate, whose paper " 'Real' Families: The Violence of Love in New Media Adoption" has been accepted for publication in the journal Critical Discourse Studies, slotted for its February 2014 issue.

Congratulations to to Ph.D. student Seth San Juan!

Congratulations to Seth San Juan will join the faculty of Palomar College as Assistant Professor of American Indian Studies.

Congratulations to Professor Adria Imada!

Professor Adria L. Imada has been selected by the Organization of American Historians (OAH) to receive the 2013 Lawrence W. Levine Award, which is given annually for the best book in American cultural history.

From the OAH Letter:

"According to the 2013 Lawrence W. Levine Award Committee, Aloha America: Hula Circuits through the U.S. Empire (Duke University Press) introduces Imada’s fascinating book with a problem: Hawaiian hula dancers were “hypervisible in popular culture while leaving only the faintest traces in the archives.” Through nuanced readings of diverse bodies of evidence–interviews and oral history, newspapers and scrapbooks, photographs and U.S. military films–Imada maps the shifting meanings of hula performance from annexation to statehood to contemporary tourism. Centering the labor and mobility of the dancers, Imada locates stories of hula in the Chicago World’s Columbian Exposition, midcentury nightclubs, and statehood events, as well as in the Pacific theatre where “the troupes meet the troops.” She argues that the genealogy of hula remained contested, even as increasing distance from its origins confronted dancers with the pressures of commodification and imperial imperatives for an “imagined intimacy.” Aloha America not only contributes to histories of performance, gender, and empire, but also presents a rich narrative about the ways in which generations of women negotiated the contradictions of heritage."

Congratulations to Maile Arvin!

Please join us in congratulating Maile Arvin, who this afternoon defended her dissertation, Pacifically Possessed: Scientific Production and Native Hawaiian Critique of the "Almost White" Polynesian Race.

Maile will begin a UC President's Post-doctoral Fellowship at UCSC in the fall.

Congratulations to Ph.D. student Alborz Ghandehari

Please join us in congratulating Ph.D. student Alborz Ghandehari who has been awarded the 2013 UCSD Friends of the International Center Scholarship.

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