Office Supplies / Storehouse

The department keeps a store of basic office supplies in the mail room 204. These supplies are meant to support the basic instructional and office needs of Ethnic Studies faculty and staff and can be accessed during regular business hours (generally weekdays 8:00 am - 4:30 pm). Typical supplies kept include the following:

  • Writing instruments - pens, pencils, markers, etc.
  • White board marking pens, erasers and cleaner
  • Writing pads, note pads and post-its
  • Manila file folders, hanging filer folders, etc.
  • Paper clips, binder clips and staples
  • Transparencies and labels
  • Scotch tape, liquid paper, erasers and other miscellaneous items

Items not usually kept in inventory can be ordered from the UCSD Marketplace - typical delivery time for most items is one to two days. An order can be placed with Damarys; she can tell you if the item is in stock and expected delivery date. Depending upon the item requested, the assistant may ask you for an index to charge for the supply.

A small amount of printer and fax supplies are also kept in the mail room. These items should not be taken by faculty or staff for usage outside the mailroom - they are intended only for the printers, fax or copier located in that room. If you require one or more reams of paper for your office or lab, a request should be sent to Damarys. Depending upon its intended usage, the paper may be recharged to an index or purchased directly from an index.