Purchasing Policies & Procedures

Purchasing polices at UCSD are complex and there are several methods of acquiring goods and services. Please consult with your Financial Affairs Assistant and/or your Contracts and Grants Officer to determine the best method of procurement for your particular situation.

Damarys has been designated as an authorized department online buyer who may use Department Order, also referred to as a Low Value Purchase Order (LVPO), as a tool for purchasing routine, low-dollar goods and services for the department. This enables her to order directly from vendors for supplies and services that do not exceed $2,500 including tax, freight, and handling. Department Order to purchase supplies, printed material, rentals, and maintenance and repair services.

If what you want to purchase can't be obtained through Department Order, a High Value Purchase Order (HVPO) must be issued by a professional buyer in the Purchasing Department. High Value Purchase Requisitions are the way we relay details about a desired purchase to a professional buyer. High Value Purchase Requisitions initiate HVPOs for purchases that:

  • Exceed $2,500, including tax, freight and handling
  • Are for items that fit UCSD's definition of inventorial equipment, meaning they:
    • Are non-expendable
    • Stand alone
    • Have a normal useful life of more than one year
    • Qualify as tangible personal property (can be appraised for value) with an acquisition cost of $1,500 or more
  • Are for fabrication purposes, no matter what the value
  • Require split-funding
  • May require future changes in account distribution, tax application, or item quantity or description
  • Require signatures on written agreements or contracts (must be signed by a professional buyer)
  • Are for other items restricted from Department Order.

Once a High Value Purchase Requisition is completed and approved, it is automatically sent to the appropriate professional buyer. This buyer will:

  • Assign a purchase order number
  • Contact the designated contact person with any questions regarding the request
  • Follow UC policy to place the order

Additional information may be found on the UCSD Purchasing home page or in the UCSD Policies and Procedures Manual - Purchasing section.