Occasionally employees may be reimbursed for the purchase of goods and services. However, there are limits as to the types of items that are reimbursable. The following are NOT eligible for reimbursement, and employees must go through the University's purchasing process to obtain:

  1. Any item meeting the University's definition of equipment (non-expendable, stand alone, a normal useful life of one year or more with an acquisition cost of $1,500 or more).
  2. ANY purchase in excess of $2,500
  3. Any other items restricted from Department Order

All reimbursements will be processed by Damarys and require that you submit original receipts along with a description purchase and the source of funds for the reimbursement. Credit card statements are NOT considered to be original receipts and will not be accepted for reimbursements.

The Ethnic Studies Department and University have established separate policies and procedures for the reimbursement of Travel or Entertainment expenses.

For additional information see the UCSD Reimbursements and Payments Overview